my creative pursuits with quilts and knits

Small Projects

December has been a month of create-on-a-whim (starting with the advent calendar).  The week before Christmas, I decided to make my in-laws some placemats.  The simple stars and free-pieced backing went together in a few hours.

I am meeting a friend for dinner tomorrow, and she collects chickens for her kitchen.  A quick internet search turned up a pattern for paper-pieced roosters, so I had her gift done in a jiffy.

All my cyber-friends seem to be consumed with setting goals for the new year.  My favorite group is a “UFO Challenge” that runs quarterly sessions.  We post a list of at least five unfinished projects, and focus on getting at least one quilt completed, including quilting and binding.  There are prizes for the winners – we agree to send a fat quarter to anyone who finishes a declared project.  The funny part is when you get side-tracked and finish an “undeclared” project…you get the satisfaction of being done, but not the reward from the group.  Accountability and incentives are key motivators.


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