my creative pursuits with quilts and knits

Catching a breath

Finally, some quilting time!  From Nov – Jan, I sponsor my school’s bowling team, so that took up my free time.  Now that the season is over, I can get back to my routine of exercising a few days each week and spending more time tackling the UFO pile.  Needless to say, I did NOT get around to the Christmas quilt that was Judy’s pick for completion in January…and I haven’t even looked at what the current selection should be!  I am trying to finish up a rather large project for my brother, and I will share photos as soon as it’s done and easy to spread out.  I tried several of Leah Day’s free motion designs, but of course they show up better on the back which is difficult to photograph while it’s loaded on the longarm.

In the meantime, I stitched two blocks for the Block Lotto.  Yes, the lefthand one desperately needs some spray starch!  I will give it a good press when I remove the paper.  It was a paper pieced design “Crazy Patch Heart” from Carol Doak, and I added two borders to bring it up to size.  My brain must have been out to lunch all weekend, because I used my seam ripper on just about every piece of that border.  Funny that I could handle the paper piecing, then fall apart at the easy step!

Next up on the longarm is my daughter’s design.  Last fall, she asked for a flower quilt, and we had just used a free Violet pattern in the Block Lotto.  I chose several sizes, and she “shopped” through my stash, and in Grandma’s, to come up with the fabrics for all the flowers.

I would like to make some free-pieced letters to put her name on the back.  No school tomorrow, so I should be able to quilt for hours, YAY!


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