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Hooray for a finish!

My mom pieced the topand I had fun adding filler designs.  I started with a feather in the center, and each of the rust squares has a little squiggle.I call the next one “worms” and I think Leah Day’s “topographic map” is similar.  I highly recommend her gallery of free motion designs…I found alot of inspiration there!Thankfully the backing fabric is a light blue batik, and I was able to get some good photos.  The blue fabric on the front hides alot of the stitching, so in hindsight I could have used more open designs.  Next you see my “Asian water” in blue and “Echo Leaves (inspired by Leah)” in the yellowish-green.  That was a funny variegated thread…it looked much more green on the spool, and very yellow in my quilt.  I usually go for solid matching threads, but I worked from stash on this and none of my greens worked well…you can see the lovely scrappy mix of fabrics here.  I call this next design “Dragon Breath” – DeLoa Jones and Ricky Tims have both shared similar designs. It’s basically a spiral hook with puffy bumps down the back as you travel to the next spot.Some of the blue sections were filled with echo flames, one of the first freehand designs I mastered on my longarm.Here is another “inspired by Leah” section.  She called it “Landscape” and it has a McTavishing feel to it.  I just use a gentle S curve to flow back and forth, switch directions and fill the space.  An occasional swirl will pop up for a nice surprise.I think the next design is one that Leah calls “Sea Oats.”  I love the gentle teardrop on each branch.  It was a bit tricky to use in a linear space…in the future I think this would be a beautiful fill for smaller sashing.And in the corners, I used “Es and Ms”, almost a basketweave fill.  You can just see the blue pebble fabric of the border, and I used simple wavy lines in that space.This was a fun, fun project and I am happy with the way it turned out.  I hope my brother and his family enjoy it too!


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