my creative pursuits with quilts and knits

Making Progress

I used a pattern that was shared during the 2011 Block Lotto to make a quilt for Kendra.  I had so much fun with this one!  Kendra enjoyed picking out the bright fabrics, and we loved watching the garden grow, lol.  In the grand debate about chain-piecing versus sewing each block, I am a true Libra – looking for that middle-of-the-road balance.  There were 48 flowers in the top…I would cut pieces for 6 – 8 blocks, then piece those.  I need the satisfaction of seeing the completed blocks as I work.  But, that is not a set-in-stone rule…I also love to sew mystery quilts where you cut pieces for one step at a time and don’t see the full pattern until the very end.

Speaking of Block Lotto, our hostess Sophie is doing a great job with this year’s selections.

In February, we could pick any pattern we liked with a heart.  Colors were pink, cream, grey and orange.  I found a Carol Doak paper-pieced block, and also drafted my own with 2in squares.

And I am going to town with the half square triangle blocks for March:

I finished another one after I snapped this picture, and I have plenty of scraps to make my limit of nine this month.  One more week of school, then it’s quilting every day during spring break!


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