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Race against the clock

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One of the recent trends in the quilting world is the “Jelly Roll Race.”  The premise is that you pick a jelly roll (collection of 40 strips cut at 2.5 inches), sew them end to end, then fold and sew the long seams until you have a strip quilt approximately 50×60″.

My “warm up lap” took several weeks, since I worked on this in between other projects.  I used diagonal seams, but some quilters use straight seams, or filler squares, or triangles to make it interesting.  Here are all the strips in a bag as I’m cutting the excess from the diagonal seams.  I thought I saved the jelly roll label, but alas, it’s gone.  Pretty batiks in tans and blues.  I wanted a masculine palette so that I can donate this to Quilts of Valor.

Lap 1 was pretty easy.  It took me about 20 minutes.  The night before, I sat down with some pins and prepped the strip so I wouldn’t have a big twist at the end.  It’s hard to keep track of something like 42 yards of fabric!  Lap 2 proved to be more difficult…

The biggest challenge was unfolding the fabric to keep right sides together at the same time you are trying to prevent twisting in your 20-yard strip!  I ended up with a KNOT.  I did a fairly decent job of finding the middle to cut the strip in half and kept the machine humming along 🙂

The last two laps were much easier.  I have not pressed any seams yet.


Start to finish: about 62 minutes.

Now to decide on borders?  It’s a nice size for a lap quilt now, so maybe just a dark blue binding.  Fun, fun project.  Anyone interested in swapping 2.5-inch strips for a virtual jelly roll race?


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