my creative pursuits with quilts and knits

Hard Lessons

#1…Ask questions if you are unsure about something!

Here you see the packaging for three similar needles.  I ran out of the size I usually use on my longarm.  At our recent state-wide quilt show, I stopped at the Superior Threads booth and picked up the box on the left.  Of course, I left home without my old package for comparison, and the staff was understandably busy at the show so I didn’t take time to ask the silly question of “Will these work in my longarm?”.  These were titanium needles and the shank was just a bit too big to fit my Gammill.

This morning I went to a local store that carries Gammill supplies, and I grabbed the center box.  I had the original package in my pocket and did a quick comparison…it looked close enough.  I didn’t think the staff was overly friendly and my husband was waiting in the car, so I did not take the extra 10 seconds to ask “Will these work in my longarm?”

At home this afternoon, I opened the package and noticed the new needles did not have the correct shape.  Grrrr, back down to the local store.  Of course, they cannot accept an opened package, but the saleslady was able to direct me to the longarm supply section and I found the  identical match for my yellow package!  Ahhh, back in business.  Classic lesson, learned the hard way – the only silly question is the one not asaked!

#2…background sections should use the background colorI have made all the blocks for the Fat Quarter Stars Quilt-Along hosted by Moose on the Porch Quilts.  The top star was my original.  None of the other blocks had a dark background, so I decided to make another version that matches the other eleven blocks, with a cream background.  My points don’t match as well, but that will quilt out (wink wink). And now I’m wishing I had used the outer red in the center pinwheel, but I am NOT doing this one over again!  Classic lesson learned the hard way – think of your overall color palette and keep the background color consistent!

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