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More Moda Stars

My latest project for Quilts of Valor was to quilt a top made from Moda Stars.  The red stars were donated to the Moda fabric company last year when they published a block pattern and asked quilters across the country to sew “Just One Star.”  Not surprisingly, they were flooded with blocks, and they sent hundreds out to volunteers to turn into full quilts.  I contacted a woman nearby and she paired the blocks with some other patriotic fabric and brought the top to me to finish.I did a simple meander around each star, a freehand feather in the alternate blocks, and a wavy leaf in the border.

I pieced the back from some other patriotic fabrics.  Now to bind it, add the label and give it a wash.  I hope all the quilters used the right kind of pen to sign their blocks…the last one of these that I made ended up with an ugly black spot when some ink ran.  Bummer!

If you have the time to make and donate a quilt for our wounded soldiers, please visit the QOV website and click on the “Request a Destination” button.  We need to send out over 30 quilts each week to meet the need.


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