my creative pursuits with quilts and knits

Judy, who blogs at Patchwork Times, encourages us to share our knitting or crochet projects on Friday.  I have recently gotten back to knitting regularly, so I decided to join in.  And speaking of jumping on a bandwagon, I joined the Color Affection craze.  This pattern is wildly popular on Ravlery, and I think the attraction is the process of choosing your three yarns. This purple section will actually be at the top.  I am using Koigu as my accent color, and it will finish with a tweedy brown.  Very easy take-along project since it’s all garter stitch.  I got lost a few times with the increases at the beginning, but now the color changes make it easy to keep track.

I hadn’t knit much this last year until I saw this pattern in the Sock Knitters Anonymous group on Ravelry.  Rose Hiver designed a mystery she named Chiendent.  I cast on the first of May, and had both cuffs done in the first week!  Yes, my pace did slow down…this is still the first sock.  I briefly tried to knit two at a time, but juggling the two balls of yarn with the circular needles was tedious, so I figured I could just knit one faster.  The pattern is easy to memorize, with pretty little eyelets and twisted stitch ribbing (from knitting through the back loop).

Happy stitching!


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