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Holiday Sewing!

Phew…I am glad we all survived the fall semester.  Hubby is working two jobs,  I work and volunteer, and daughter skates.  We have busy lives, and I am thankful for our many blessings.

But, it is nice to have some time off to play in my sewing room! Here is the quilting for a Christmas project, some basic freehand designs on the longarm.pillow quilting

And I am cutting patches for a Star Crossed Block. You can find the pattern at Block Lotto, it is the December block.dec12 lotto 3

I am getting ready for the Quilts of Valor 1st Annual New Year’s Day Sit-n-Sew (NYDSnS)!  Everyone involved in QOV is planning to work on a quilt top on January 1.  Hopefully, we can get lots of tops done, and then the longarmers (me included) will get busy with the next step.  The goal is to have these New Year’s quilts ready to mail by March 13th.  I think there are prizes…check the QOVF blog!qov prep

You may be wondering about the paper plates…I am making an attempt to be organized!  The block consists of star, background and cross fabrics, perfect for a scrappy patriotic quilt.  I cut the necessary pieces from a blue fabric, then separate them onto three plates.  Then I grab a white fabric and a red fabric – cut, distribute, and then I have all the blocks ready to assemble.  Each plate is a complete block, and the fabrics are jumbled so they should make unique combinations.  I am noticing a distinct lack of white in my stash, so I will shop in Grandma’s sewing room on Christmas day and make a run to the LQS if needed.

For my QOV top, I have calculated that you need 2 strips of each fabric (1 strip at 3″, 1 strip at 2.5″), and 14 different reds, whites and blues will give you 42 9″ blocks.  I plan to add 1.5″ sashing and 3″ borders from a yard and a half of yellow/gold fabric.

Feel free to email me if you want more details about this pattern.  Judy L. at Patchwork Times has a pattern from 2.5″ strips, and some people have found free patterns online with the keywords “5 yard quilt.”


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