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I can finally show the quick projects I did for some special people…

football pillow

This is the front of the pillow I made for my neighbors. The quilting picture is in the previous post!  I had some leftover football novelty fabric, and these friends are huge fans, so I did some scrap-busting.  The pillow is about 34″ square…perfect for a couple kids to lounge with on the floor!  I thought I read a blog post about 36″ pillow forms, but I couldn’t find any.  So I adapted and made a pillowcase from muslin and stuffed it with fiber fill.  I used a basic envelope back for the pillow top so it can be removed and washed.  Easy, fun, quick project, great for gifts…especially as my daughter gets older…I see lots of princess-themed throw pillows for friend’s birthdays!  I really like giving personal gifts.

I was stumped on a gift for my dear mother, so I found a drawstring bag pattern at  The original version has a zipper on the side of the pocket, and I should have changed it to a top-loading pocket since I left out the zipper, but adaptation has its limits on Dec 23rd!!  Mom knits, and usually has a sock project, so I hope she can use this bag.  Especially since I included a skein of sock yarn in yummy teal and purple shades.

002I have half the pieces cut for my next Quilt of Valor…are you ready for the New Year’s Day Sit-n-Sew?!?  I am going to set my machine up in front of the Rose Bowl parade and quilt the day away…can’t wait!



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  1. Position zipper so it is centered through the hole. You can probably do this without pins, just go slowly and make sure your zipper doesn’t move. Sew close to the edge of the opening all the way around with back stitches at the start and finish. Be careful not to sew over the metal “stopper” at the bottom of the zipper but otherwise you are fine to sew right over the plastic teeth. I didn’t have to use my zipper foot for this but use it if you have one.

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