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Still Here!

yellow piecesI’m working on a yellow quilt, but I decided the center square had too much white.  I always feel like it becomes a true project when the seam ripper comes out!  Of course, when I am working with my handyman husband, a task becomes a project when we see blood…usually just a minor scrape.  Anyone remember Tim Allen of the 1990’s TV show Home Improvement?!?  Yeah, like that minus the emergency room visits 🙂

I have been absent from the blog because I am writing some quilting patterns, and with all the copyright drama, it seems best to keep pictures to a minimum.  The drawback to that is that I do not have the following (yet?) to make a big splash when I announce my design debut.

I was chatting with a lady at my in-law’s annual barbecue and walked away with a quilting commission!  I love quilting for other people.  I like the collaboration on designs and fabric.  It gives my crafting time a purpose and a destination.  Anyone who has been quilting for a while knows that you need to find an outlet for your finished objects, whether it is a local charity, all twelve grandkids, or next year’s guild show!  Since I am a second-generation quilter, everyone in my immediate family is covered three times over.  I definitely need to pursue the commercial aspects of quilting.

What are you working on these days?


Comments on: "Still Here!" (2)

  1. HI Andi! I’ve done quilting. The largest items I’ve made are wall hangings. I’d love to make one for my daughter’s wedding gift, but I’m too busy making her dress! Have fun!

  2. A baby quilt for one of the gals at Audubon, plus SLOWLY making a dent in the gazillion UFOs!

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