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New Project

I had a blast shopping with the lady who asked me to make her son a quilt.  Her first comment was that the shop was small, but she was quickly overwhelmed by all the choices!  She did have a color scheme in mind, so we were able to pull a few choices together, and then it was much easier to “edit” from a group of fabrics, rather than staring at a blank slate. She was able to identify the things she didn’t like, and then we were able to focus on the colors specifically.

Final choices for an Irish Chain:  white with a grey swirl for the background, then blue Fairy Frost, green, and purple Fairy Frost.fabric detail

Here is a picture showing the rough layout of the colors.  The purple will be the dominant chain, and the blue and green will frame it on both sides.layoutThe recipient is in the Navy, so I need to find some nautical themes for quilting the open spaces.  The Craftsy Quilting Blog mentioned drawing your designs on paper and then stitching the paper when it is laid on top of the quilt.  I will have to try that technique!

Speaking of Craftsy…I finally took the time to sign up and watch a few classes.  Oh My – go there NOW and join!!!!  There are free lectures from QuiltCon 2013.  I watched the intro and the lecture by Mary Fons…cool stuff.  And, I got a new member discount, so my first paid class is Designing Modern Quilts with Weeks Ringle.  So much awesome material, at a reasonable cost ($40, when you would pay a minimum of $75 for a one day class) and you have access to the videos FOREVER.  I just wish I didn’t need a full eight hours of sleep every night – I could get so much done!  But, alas, I need my beauty rest to stay fresh for that pesky full-time job.

Happy Stitching!



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  1. Hi Andi! I love Irish Chains..and those colors are LOVELY! I have tried the paper method. I liked it pretty well. I have also made motifs out of contact paper and quilted around them…and once i made my own ‘stencils’ by stacking tissue paper and stitching with no thread. pounce chalk or cornstarch on a foam brush to mark. Hoping to get back to the Long Arm group in May. I got a new frame! An Innova. I LOVE it. I miss a few things on the Gammill, but it was just too heavy for my back. Cant wait to see this quilt as it progresses..

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