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Racing to the finish

Before I can really get into the commission quilt, I decided to bind the one that came off the longarm.  You only get a tiny peek for now.  I call the pods things in the white squares”coffee beans.”  They are a slight s-curve that is easy to echo and travel across your chain

Here is a shot of the back, mushed on the table while I stitch the binding down.  You can see the string of coffee beans on the right and a ferny thing in a corner.  I suppose I should work on the fancy titles for my quilting designs!corner fern

And finally, the swirls from a different section and leaves in the border.  I kept the quilting rather simple because the block fabrics are busy.  It’s tough to go to alot of work and realize it will never be seen!curls and leaves Now I have time for more Craftsy!  Weeks Ringle gave me homework: create two pallettes (25 3-inch squares each), one with colors I love, and one with colors I struggle to use.  When that assignment is complete, we will sit down and talk about color theory.  I can hardly wait!!

In the meantime, sign up for the FREE lectures from QuiltCon 2013!  I listened to Angela Waters and she is fabulous, talking about modern machine quilting.  One things she said was that she tries to match her quilting to the quilt top.  So if she is working on a traditional top, she’s doing tradition quilting.  And if she is working on a modern top, then she is doing modern quilting, even if the elements are the same.  I got a chuckle out of that.  Personally, I think of the “Modern Esthetic” as using lots of solid fabrics or bold graphics, and leaving alot of negative space in the design.  I hope that there is a QuiltCon in 2014 – I plan to be there!

Happy Stitching!


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