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I did some calculations…I need 144 blocks for this commission quilt.  The due date is July 1.  I can make a chain block in about 20 minutes.  Bottom line – I need to lock myself in the sewing room!  You see I do have some company!  I listen to quilting stuff (podcasts or the lectures on Craftsy) or tune to Pandora.

chain bookThis is the pattern I am using (photo from Amazon.)  I finished cutting all the strips this week, and now for the marathon of piecing.  Here are the strip sets that make the chain blocks.

pinning the chain

I tried to pins the rows in pairs, ready for easy chain piecing, but I didn’t alternate the seams correctly, so now I have two blocks going at a time.  I pin one row at a time and always have a block under the needle.  I’m sure there are more efficient ways, but this system is working for me.  When I get about ten blocks done, I move to the ironing board and press them nice and flat.  I’m hoping to get the blocks done by Memorial Day, which gives me plenty of time to get started on the quilting and have everything done by the July 1 deadline.


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