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Finished under the wire

2013-12-31 11.20.18I started these Crossed Stars on January 1 as a project for Quilts of Valor.  Many quilters were participating in a New Year’s Day Sit-n-Sew.  I got a few blocks done then continued the project throughout the year.  I used each fabric three times…as the star, the background and as the cross.  It was a fun pattern, originally shared with the Block Lotto by Sophie Wood.

I made 42 blocks and then added the one inch yellow sashing.  I needed another border to make it a decent size for Quilts of Valor.  Their minimum is 55 by 65, but I prefer something around 60 by 70.  This one ended up at 65 by 75. 2013-12-31 11.20.59I quilted it with a pantograph called Square Spiral.  It is a little bit tricky to get perfectly straight lines!  Isn’t wonderful how well those not-so-straight lines show up in tan thread on a red background?!?  Yikes!  Oh well, the texture is wonderful and it gets that nice crinkly look after a spin in the washing machine.

I need to make a pillowcase then ship this out!  You can get more information about this great organization at the Quilts of Valor Foundation website.

I have a new project in mind for the 2014 New Year’s Day Sit-n-Sew…again thanks to Sophie and the Block Lotto, but I will share that tomorrow 😉  Enjoy the celebrations tonight!


Comments on: "Finished under the wire" (2)

  1. Beautiful! I hope you will share the photo on the Block Lotto site. Everyone will love it and we’ll have it in our gallery.

  2. The great thing is when you don’t see the work behind it but the beauty itself, just speaking for itself. Congratulations! Great talent.

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