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New Project

I couldn’t resist a quilt along!  I found the blog Happy Quilting last fall when I switched to Bloglovin.  Melissa shared her plans for a new project called Star Light Star Bright.  It is such a cheerful design!  And, I love some of the fabric collections that were put together by  Intrepid Thread.  I held out as long as I could, and caved last weekend.  I was making a trip to my LQS, so I splurged on supplies for this project.image

Here is my selection of fabric, an eclectic mix with a dark tan as the background.  Yes, the bright sun washed out the color a bit, just a teaser for all my friends digging out from the latest winter storm.  People ask how I can stand the 110+ temperatures in the summer… it’s the thought of 70 degrees in the winter!  Anyway, back to the sewing room.

After I finished my QOV last weekend, I starting cutting.  I’ve been working on sampler blocks for about a year, so it felt like a marathon to cut all these pieces…33 squares of various sizes times the 16 fat quarters, then I had to start on the background pieces!imageI hope the brown works…it might be too trendy.  I guess we’ll see as the blocks come together!

sew two small squares onto the bigger square.  Half the blocks have the print backgrounds, and half have the plain background.  After they are cut apart and pressed, you add another square (notice the blue unit at the top of the photo) and then cut again to get the flying geese unit.  This method makes four flying geese at a time.  image

The other part I had forgotten in my hiatus from cutting a whole quilt at once, is the pleasure of a new rotary cutting blade! Bliss, sheer bliss.  Of course, the shop was sold out of replacement blades, so the new Olfa Splash cutter jumped into my basket.  It is great, although I don’t always remember to slide the blade cover up.  My old cutter has a safety grip so it automatically retracts.

Any other QAL joiners out there?  Jump on the bandwagon with me, we’ll have loads of fun!


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