my creative pursuits with quilts and knits

Back in action

Oh my, where did August go?!?  I had so many good intentions of quilting and blogging, and writing patterns.  Then, real life tapped me on the shoulder and said, “Excuse me, you are a mom and a school teacher.  Hobbies will have to wait.”  My daughter had a birthday a few weeks ago so there was a family dinner and a party with classmates.  School starts here in the middle of August – yes, it’s early, but it’s too hot to do anything else, might as well sit in an air conditioned classroom!  It is still surprising how tired I am the first week of school.  I came home and vegged on the couch every single day!

With grand intentions of getting more sewing done in the evenings, I set up my work space on the dining room table.  Now, I don’t have to worry about lights or noise next door to my daughter’s room and I can sew after she is in bed.  Hey don’t laugh, it could work!

I took advantage of the holiday and tried to get caught up with the Mod Mod Quilt Along that Sophie is hosting in conjunction with the Block Lotto this year.  I love her block ideas, and for the past few years, I have made a sampler for QOV using Block Lotto patterns.

Working backwards, first I finished the August pattern, Little Windows.

image I was not thinking clearly though…I did the math and wrote myself a note that I needed 28 each red and blue for the window squares.  Then I happily cut 28 sets of four squares.  And moved on to all the border pieces when I finally remembered that I only need 14 blocks for my quilt!  Luckily, the 2-1/2″ squares can go in my leader-ender project basket, and I have a stack of smaller strips to absorb those borders.  But man, I felt dumb!

Then I started on the July pattern for Spokes.

image I will be inserting 4 strips of fabric to make an asterisk type of design in a square of fabric.  I am keeping to my scrappy patriotic theme. Visit the Block Lotto to see what Sophie has in mind for September!

I did accomplish one August goal, which was to offer a pattern for sale on Craftsy.  Visit my store and find the Snowball I-Spy quilt.  I have several more designs in mind, so I’d better get to work.

Happy Quilting! 


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