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Paper Piecing is one of my favorite techniques. You can get very precise points with this method.  Many of the Women of the Bible Quilt blocks (which I feature on another blog) use paper piecing.  Carol Doak is one of the experts in the quilting world, and she has classes available through Craftsy if you want to learn from the best.  Judy Neimeyer is another quilter who is well known for paper piecing intricate quilts.

As part of my Blog-tober efforts, I am going to offer a prize each Friday.  We will kick off the month with a free pattern.   I drafted this heart to teach a friend paper piecing.


I used this block to surround some family photos (printed on fabric) to make my daughter a “Family Tree” quilt.  With a border, this simple block would make a great throw pillow.

Download your pattern here: FPP heart

Tips for paper piecing:

1.  Secure the pattern to the BACK of your first fabric.  I use a dab of fabric glue.

2.  There will be waste.  Start with pieces a little too big.

3.  Check and double check placement by folding the fabric in place before sewing.

4.  Work in a well-lit area – part of the check in #3 is to hold the piece towards the light to make sure the fabric covers the appropriate area.

5.  Fold the paper out of the way before trimming seams!

6.  The add-a-quarter ruler, a mini-rotary cutter and an index card are part of my standard paper piecing kit.

I’d love to see what you do with this block.  Share on instagram with #fpp_heart


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