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On the Dark Side

A few weeks ago, Steph Pearl McPhee was knitting a sock, a common occurence which she chronicles on her blog The Yarn Harlot.  I was immediately smitten with the yarn, which made perfect rainbow stripes.  Smitten enough that I scrolled through the comments until I found a clue about the yarn dyer and where to purchase this fabulous colorway.

The yarn is called Perfect Sock from Must. Stash. Yarn and the colorway is “Dark Side of the Moon,” inspired by the classic Pink Floyd album cover.


Must. Stash. Yarn was taking pre-orders for a new batch of this colorway, and I happily made my purchase, then started searching for a pattern.  My sock knitting phase is over, since I never actually wear the socks I’ve made.  Plus, this yarn is too pretty to hide in a shoe.  So, I settled on a scarf, the Diagonal Garter Stitch Scarf, to be exact.  I did not want an intricate pattern to compete with the beautiful yarn.  My order arrived yesterday and I cast on right away.

image It’s so pretty in the cake!

image If you choose to make socks, the skein is nicely divided into 2 hanks so that the stripes will match.  Since this is fairly thin sock yarn, I cast on with US1 needles, and now I am worried that I will run out of yarn.  Yes, these are the worries of a knitter, even with only 8% of the project finished!  I think I will use the second cake to start on larger needles and compare.  I like the fabric that I am getting so far…I don’t want anything real lacy, but we’ll see how it turns out.

Self-striping yarn in a colorway you adore makes for an addictive project – it’s so hard to put down because you want to see the next color emerge.  Just one more row…


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