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Random Wednesday

Here is my knitting hack:

image I bought my daughter new bed sheets, and the plastic case is perfect for my new knitting project!  It even has an interior pocket where I can store the pattern.  No, of course I didn’t finish any of my current knitting projects.  I really did try to resist another mystery knit along, but when I saw the shape of Stephen West’s 2014 shawl, and contemplated my stash…he’s like the Borg – resistance is futile, you will be assimilated.  Check out the ravelry group for spoiler pictures.

I finished a couple more Split 9-patch squares:

image image

I am trying very hard to mix in a wide variety of neutral/light fabric instead of always using white or cream.  But I do like the strong contrast of dark and light, so the alternate nine patch is from my stack of “medium” rejects.  Those pinks and yellows don’t play well in this project.  Any suggestions on what to use them in?  And if you ever want to swap a bundle of fabric, just leave a comment!

I sewed a couple more Block Lotto pieces for my Mod Mod QOV:


The October pattern was Woven Bars.  I am hoping to work on this project on my days off this month. My school district went a little crazy, and we have both Monday and Tuesday off for Veterans Day, then a whole week for Thanksgiving.  Yay for quality sewing time, boo for the choppy teaching schedule.  Back to the QOV plan…I had trouble with the curved piecing back in June, so I have to come up with an alternate plan for those blocks, and I missed September also.  You can find all the patterns in the Block Lotto archives, using the keyword Mod Mod QAL.



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