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Working on the Mystery

I had a few spare moments to work on Grand Illusion over the past couple weeks, and now I have at least 10 units for each clue.


This has been a fun project and Bonnie Hunter has written excellent instructions.  Visit her blog, and click on the TAB in the menu for the Grand Illusion mystery quilt.  I was tempted by Celtic Solstice last year, and now I have to wait for the pattern to be releases.  The lesson is to print the pattern while it is free!

So here are more progress photos.  Clue #2 was the diamond unit.  I chose to cut half square triangles and diamonds rather than rectangles.  My accuracy improved a great deal when I laid the triangle on top to sew.

image imageA finished clue 2 unit:


Clue 3 is a checkerboard which I made from strip sets.

image  image


Another tip…keep the instructions handy!  I read through them on my iPad, and usually sketch the layout so I have a hard copy next to the sewing machine.  But, I was in a hurry and ended up putting things together wrong.  Oh well, that’s why we have seam rippers.  I was also challenged to keep this unit scrappy.  Somehow, I kept getting like fabrics next to each other.  So the few truly scrappy units, with 8 different fabrics, really make me happy!  (I say the FEW units, because I was tired of ripping and I am willing to accept minor imperfections)

Clue #4 was more broken dishes units.  I am really liking the Easy Angle ruler for making half square triangles.

Here is another view of the clue 3 and 4 units:image



Comments on: "Working on the Mystery" (2)

  1. Lovely units! Really looking forward to seeing how Bonnie puts them all together.

  2. Looking good!!! And congrats for getting some time in to work on it…. thats hard to find ths time of year isn’t it?

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