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Next Up

I have been hopping from project to project this summer.  Here is what received the most attention this week:

image I loaded a customer quilt on the longarm.  I am using a pantograph.  The quilt is Fire Island Hosta by Judy Niemeyer.

I showed the Swoon quilt in my last post about unfinished objects.  I got the borders on it to bring it to the required size for a QOV.


Now I need to finish the back. This is the part I tend to overlook, which really slows down my progress.  I have a stack of quilt tops ready to be finished, but if I don’t have a backing, then the longarm sits idle while I move on to the next piecing project.  Talk about a Catch-22!!  If I get the back ready with the top it will speed up the whole process.  Easy enough in theory, let’s see if I can make it happen consistently.

I am using four leftover Swoon blocks for the back, and I have plenty of yardage in my stash to bring it to size.


I did get the two wall-hangings quilted and they are ready for binding.


I am sure I can find something on TV this afternoon for background noise while I sew!  What are you working on today?


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  1. Great projects to bounce to! Love that panto you are usng!!!

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