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Happy Halloween!


These are the pumpkins that my daughter decorated.  From left to right the small ones are a self-portrait, Olaf from Frozen, and her cat Amy.  She picked the bigger one at a Fall Festival and informed me that after Halloween, we need to scoop out the seeds and save them in a jar.  Okay, sweetie!

Here we are at the end of #blog-tober.  I can’t believe I managed to write thirty-one consecutive posts…I hope I didn’t bore you.  Thanks to my new followers!  I will not be posting as frequently in November.  The initial thought was to spend my writing time on a novel as part of National Novel Writing Month, but life has intervened and I will set that project aside for another time.  I like the motivation that blogging brings to my craft time so I will aim for three posts a week over the next couple months.  See you in cyberspace!


Furry friends

Meet my pets.

Gidget is about 13.  We got her as a kitten when a friend found her roaming the neighborhood.


She is extremely shy and spends most of her days hiding in the master bedroom.  In the evening, she comes downstairs and lately she claims the messy coffee table as her napping spot.  She has very specific places where we are allowed to pet her, so I feel honored when she comes into my sewing room and hops onto my chair for some attention!

The middle child is Casey.  Another friend found her on the street.  We think she was about 2 years old when we got her, so she might be around 8 now.

image (sorry for the dark photo, my iPad doesn’t have a flash)  We thought she was a Maine coon because of her size, but the vet decided she is a Brown Mackerel Tabby.  She demands petting and has a funny habit of butting her head into your arm or leg to get attention.

My daughter wanted a kitten, so three years ago we visited the shelter and brought home Amy as a 6-week-old:


She is a grey tabby and very much people-oriented.  She is also very vocal, meowing to find us if she wakes up and no one is in the room.  She adopted one of my daughter’s stuffed animals, so it is very funny to find that little bear dropped in various places…at night it’s in the kitchen and by morning we find it at the top of the stairs.

Every quilt and knitting project has a bit of cat hair in my house!


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Phew…I am past the halfway mark in Blog-tober! Thanks for visiting with me.  Today feels like I am really reaching for content.  I will be happy to take a break in November.  Although, the pressure/schedule/routine of blogging every day is making me a bit more productive!

I am going to turn the spotlight on my crafty kid.  Here was my birthday present:


She says she found a picture online and copied it.  I love it!  I want to join the fun…she usually has these painting nights with a friend when I teach in the evening…so maybe we will try one of those painting class/studio places one of these days.

Here she is with her portrait of our friend’s dog:


It is so much fun to watch her create!

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