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Souvenir Fabric

We decided to be wild and crazy this summer and travel to Europe.  I have a friend from college who lives in Hungary, so that was our destination.  There were some lovely tile roofs in Budapest that are perfect patterns for a future hexagon quilt.

In the little town of Papa, my friend took my to the local fabric store.  I left my camera with my husband, but just imagine floor to ceiling bolts of everything, piles cascading onto the cutting table – cottons, vinyl, silk, knits, anything under the sun.  The clerk was just as wild – orange hair and black leather pants.

I wanted something that had a “traditional” Hungarian feel, so my friend directed me to these small prints.image

I am not sure what to make with them.  Friendship stars maybe, with sunflowers, which are a big crop in Hungary.

Another traditional fabric/craft is indigo dyeing.  I found this small piece in a gift shop and it might become a pillow.


What fabric souvenirs have you brought home from traveling?


New Projects

I had a fabulous, but all too short, visit to Washington D.C.  C-SPAN hosted a conference for high school social studies teachers.

imageHere I am on the set of Washington Journal, their daily call-in/current events show.  I learned alot about their video archives, and I am excited about the research my students can do in the classroom. imageI had just a few hours to spare before the plane trip home, so I walked a few blocks to the Newseum, which opened in 2007.  It is dedicated to news and journalists.  The map above visually depicts freedom around the world.  That will be a great opening for discussion about comparative politics!

But, we are still on summer vacation so let’s get back to the fun stuff.  New knitting projects!


This is Evolution from Remily Knits.  It is a shawl and each section represents a new skill that you learn in your knitting journey.  So far, I have done the basic garter and stockinette sections, and progressed through the diamonds where you learn to mix the knits and purls (and read charts) to add texture to the piece.  The next section is cables, whee!  This project is taking a slight timeout while I shop for longer needles.

So, I started some socks.

imageThe yarn dyer who runs Dizzy Blonde Studios and the Mean Girl Yarn Club started a contest on Ravelry.  She is offering prizes for anyone who starts and finishes a project, using her yarn, between July 1 and Aug 31.  Sign me up!  I tend to jump on any bandwagon that rolls by, LOL.  I checked out my list of favorites and saw a not-too-difficult sock pattern called Nanners by Wendy Johnson.  I had to challenge myself though, so being stubborn, I am not using her instructions for toe up socks on two circulars.  I would rather enjoy the old-fashioned technique of cuff down socks on DPNs.  I have barely started the ribbing so I’ll take a picture when I have something substantial to share.

The Irish Chain quilt was delivered to a happy customer, phew.  Now I can work on my own designs, yay!  Maybe tomorrow I will have time in my sewing room.  What are you working on this week?

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