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Counting Down


I found a tutorial for this Advent Calendar on the Fat Quarterly blog, and made it in a few evenings at the beginning of December.  Kendra loves to move Cindy Lou to the next pocket each morning.  I enjoyed finishing a quick project! 

And here we are with just one week until Christmas Day.  I did not inherit the shopping gene from my mother, so I have not braved the crowds, but I see that expedition looming in the near future.  Time to get the list ready, so I can complete the mission as quickly as possible.  I do have a thought that I can whip up some additional quilted items in the few days remaining…please don’t shatter my illusions quite yet!

Instead of Christmas preparations, I have been spending my free time curled up with good books:

  1) The Percy Jackson series. Yes, it’s a young adult fantasy series, but we all need to escape from the real world occasionally, and this is an entertaining alternative.  Percy is a demigod, son of Poseidon, and he is battling the gods of Greek Mythology in modern New York City.

2) Image  Great writing!  I’ve seen the movie previews, but I always like to read the books.  I grabbed this from the school library last week before taking kids to bowling practice.  I’m enjoying it, although the investigation of a teen’s murder is not light-hearted holiday fare.

3)  Kendra’s choice at the library last week:

:Image  This was a challenge for me, since I hated this book after being forced to read it in 3rd grade.  The version I was assigned was just a bit above my reading level and it is one of the few books in my entire life that I struggled to finish.  But, with Kendra’s “early reader” edition, we get through a few chapters each night before bed and it’s not so bad.  Watching her start to read independently has been wonderful this fall.  Her funny quirk is to pick a fat book off the shelf when she decides to read at home.  First it was “What to Expect from your Toddler” and then “Atlas Shrugged.”  I think the big books make her feel smart!


Advent Dec 2

My second Advent word is CANDLE.Image

I don’t have many candle decorations, although I did go through the PatyLite phase and I do have a closet full of votives to prove it!

During the Advent season, candles project the warmth of home, a resting place for those who are tired in body and spirit.


(photo from Google search)


My house has one window facing the street, and lighting a single candle here would be a festive touch.

In the Desert Southwest, the tradition is to line a pathway with Luminarias (small bags filled with sand and a candle) such as this display in the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix:


(photo from DBG website)


And some families use candles in their Advent Wreaths and light one each night, or each Sunday, as they read a Scripture lesson about the coming of Jesus, Light of the World.


(photo from Amazon)


Advent Dec1

I made a list of Advent words and I will share them with you this month, starting with ANGEL.

The Christmas story begins with an angel visiting Mary and the dramatic news that she has been chosen to give birth to Jesus.  Ministers with more talent that I posess have delved into the mystery and wonder of that news, so take the time to find and ponder their words.

Although most images of angels are soft and white, serene and peaceful, I enjoyed a different perspective of angels as mighty warriors in Frank Perreti’s novel “This Present Darkness.”

The idea of a Guardian Angel brings comfort to many people, as they embrace the concept of someone watching out for and protecting them against all the little incidents and obstacles that can create havoc in our days.

One of the best customer quilts I worked on a few years ago was made up of many different angel blocks, some pieced, some applique, and I had fun creating different background designs for each one.

Angels are common themes in Christmas Carols as well, with two of my favorites being “Hark! the Herald Angels Sing” and “Angels we have heard on high.”  Who doesn’t enjoy the soaring refrain of Gloria, and it’s conterpoint harmony, great for us Altos in the choir.  Last year my daughter would request the “Chelsea” song…apparently the “In Excelsis Deo” line got stuck in her head and twisted a bit, LOL.

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