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Advent Dec1

I made a list of Advent words and I will share them with you this month, starting with ANGEL.

The Christmas story begins with an angel visiting Mary and the dramatic news that she has been chosen to give birth to Jesus.  Ministers with more talent that I posess have delved into the mystery and wonder of that news, so take the time to find and ponder their words.

Although most images of angels are soft and white, serene and peaceful, I enjoyed a different perspective of angels as mighty warriors in Frank Perreti’s novel “This Present Darkness.”

The idea of a Guardian Angel brings comfort to many people, as they embrace the concept of someone watching out for and protecting them against all the little incidents and obstacles that can create havoc in our days.

One of the best customer quilts I worked on a few years ago was made up of many different angel blocks, some pieced, some applique, and I had fun creating different background designs for each one.

Angels are common themes in Christmas Carols as well, with two of my favorites being “Hark! the Herald Angels Sing” and “Angels we have heard on high.”  Who doesn’t enjoy the soaring refrain of Gloria, and it’s conterpoint harmony, great for us Altos in the choir.  Last year my daughter would request the “Chelsea” song…apparently the “In Excelsis Deo” line got stuck in her head and twisted a bit, LOL.


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