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True Blue

I have a new project to share, but first, let me announce the winner of the Freebie Friday giveaway.

#4 – Pam S.

What beautiful fabric! I would cut out applique flower pieces out of these pretties. Thanks for the chance to win!

Thanks for playing along.  Check back to see the goodies I have in store each week.

And now the new project.  My college class slogan was “True Blue 92” and we have a big reunion coming up in a few years.  I love making commemorative quilts, so I thought a quilt with 92 stars, in blue and white fabric, would be a fun long-term project.


I went to Quilters Cache, which is a great resource for block patterns, and made a list of 9″ star blocks.  I am still playing with the numbers though, because it is hard to get 92 blocks in a quilt.  I thought I had a great plan with an 8×11 layout plus the four corners you see above.  But, when I looked at my list, some of the blocks had twin stars, so I didn’t actually have 88 blocks.  So, I made a new layout incorporating that design element.  Then, I changed the list again and took out those twins, which ups the block count back to 92!  Now it’s back to the drawing board for the layout.  The 8×11 layout won’t work, because the borders at 9″ makes the quilt too big…something like 127″, yikes.  Although, I could make mini blocks for the border squares…at least I have a while to think about it.

Anyhoo, I have a list of 44 blocks, and I plan to make two of each, plus the 4 corners for a total of 92 stars for my True Blue Stars.

Leah Day has a tutorial today for making a slash star…you just cut the pieces as if you are drawing a five-pointed star, so I used that technique to make two more blue stars.

First I cut the pieces.


Here are the stars:


To make them 9″ I added a border:image

I am not happy with the wide top edge, so I will probably re-do these blocks at some point.


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