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Progress on my Evolution shawl!  You can see the cable section.  This is such a fun pattern with so many techniques.  I love cables, and I had forgotten how easy they are.  Basically, you have one pattern row where you have to fuss with crossing stitches, then several plain rows with simple knits and purls. image I still have not gotten the 40″ circular needle that I need to spread this project out a bit more.  There are around 250 stitches in each row right now and they fit on this 24″ circular, so I guess it’s not a rush.  I know I will be buying yarn soon so I want to combine my purchases. I’m just waiting on designer Stephen West to announce the details of his next Mystery Knit-Along…last summer was his Rockefeller pattern which started my love of shawl knitting.

My daughter fell in love with beads, so we went to the local craft store for a lesson yesterday.  Mine is the one on the bottom left, she made the others.  They are very quick projects and if I don’t set limits, we could be drowning in beads very quickly!  And of course, she has expensive taste.  Oy!image





imageAfter a week-long break, I loaded another quilt on my longarm.  I am calling it “Feather-palooza” because I am putting feathers everywhere!  Since I had so much fun with the feathered hearts in the Irish Chain quilt, I am using a basic circle to make wreaths.


There are some spaces where I am doing some freehand flowers too.  Yes, this quilt is very red!imageOnly two more days then it’s back to the school routine.  I am going to try to quilt more during the work week since I am home early in the afternoons.

When do your kids go back to school?  And when do you make time for your quilting/crafting?

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