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TBT – Night Blooms

Another early quilting effort for ThrowBack Thursday:


The pattern is Bloomin’ Nine Patch and the trick is to find a good blend of fabrics.  I have seen lovely examples with multicolor prints mixed with solids so the colors flow from one round to the next.  I had fun mixing the black and white prints to move from the pure white center to the stark black border.

Here is an effort to quilt a pattern that I marked from a stencil:


I have gotten much better at feathers, but I rarely use stencils.  And white thread on black fabric, wasn’t I brave?!?

An important lesson to remember is – Don’t spend alot of time on parts that no one will see. For example:


All the white stuff around the center design is curly-q stitching, that no one can see on the front!  And I had some interesting borders, stitched in black thread on black fabrics.  Always take a look at the back of a quilt, you never know what lovely surprises are hiding there!

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