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Counting Down


I found a tutorial for this Advent Calendar on the Fat Quarterly blog, and made it in a few evenings at the beginning of December.  Kendra loves to move Cindy Lou to the next pocket each morning.  I enjoyed finishing a quick project! 

And here we are with just one week until Christmas Day.  I did not inherit the shopping gene from my mother, so I have not braved the crowds, but I see that expedition looming in the near future.  Time to get the list ready, so I can complete the mission as quickly as possible.  I do have a thought that I can whip up some additional quilted items in the few days remaining…please don’t shatter my illusions quite yet!

Instead of Christmas preparations, I have been spending my free time curled up with good books:

  1) The Percy Jackson series. Yes, it’s a young adult fantasy series, but we all need to escape from the real world occasionally, and this is an entertaining alternative.  Percy is a demigod, son of Poseidon, and he is battling the gods of Greek Mythology in modern New York City.

2) Image  Great writing!  I’ve seen the movie previews, but I always like to read the books.  I grabbed this from the school library last week before taking kids to bowling practice.  I’m enjoying it, although the investigation of a teen’s murder is not light-hearted holiday fare.

3)  Kendra’s choice at the library last week:

:Image  This was a challenge for me, since I hated this book after being forced to read it in 3rd grade.  The version I was assigned was just a bit above my reading level and it is one of the few books in my entire life that I struggled to finish.  But, with Kendra’s “early reader” edition, we get through a few chapters each night before bed and it’s not so bad.  Watching her start to read independently has been wonderful this fall.  Her funny quirk is to pick a fat book off the shelf when she decides to read at home.  First it was “What to Expect from your Toddler” and then “Atlas Shrugged.”  I think the big books make her feel smart!


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