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No, this post is not about Pinterest!  I am sewing blocks together on the   Irish Chain quilt, and it takes LOTS of pins.pinnedI don’t sew long rows.  In my first year of quilting, I took a class from Jackie Robinson, and she taught us the “Twosy-Foursy” method.  The only problem with this technique is the space required to lay out the whole top, or at least the time to make a diagram of the blocks so you can put the right things together.  Basically, you piece pairs of blocks, then make a four-patch, then sew a pair of 4-patches and make a bigger four patch, etc etc.  Since all my chain blocks are the same, it is not a problem.

And our kitty Amy loves to monitor my progress:

amy watches

I have a table behind the desk that my sewing machine sits on, and she was falling in the crack, so shortly after I snapped this picture, she moved to a different spot.  I keep a baby blanket on the table so she has someplace soft to curl up that is NOT right on top of my fabric!

Do you have a saying for those times when things work out just perfectly?  In my family we say “You are living right!” as a nod to the idea that if you are doing the right thing, good things will happen to you.  I must have been living right today as I came to the end of my spool of thread at the end of a seam, instead of right in the middle!  You can just see a tail of thread above the machine.

last thread

What little things are making you happy today?




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