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Free Motion Quilting

I am working on a new quilt that I have named Grey Skies, or Clouds and Geese.


I hope to publish the pattern this summer, so I apologize in advance for just the small peek that I am sharing.  I have combined some easy free motion designs.  The puffs in the semi-circle can easily be adapted for clouds or flowers.  I am using Continuous Curves to connect the points of the flying geese units that you see in the upper left.  I stitched wavy lines in the outer portion of the geese units.

In the wide open spaces you can see one of my favorite designs, called Chinese Water. It can be tricky to use this design to fill small spaces and travel along your quilt, but I like the calming effect it gives me, both while I am stitching it, and when I am looking at the finished piece.

What are your favorite quilting filler designs?


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