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Crazy New Project

I had this idea a while ago for a quilt to commemorate my college years.  My class motto at the US Air Force Academy was “True Blue 92” so I am planning a quilt with 92 star blocks…all in blue and white of course!  I decided on 9 inch blocks and I picked all of the patterns from Quilter’s Cache.  Here are the first two: image

Aunt Eliza’s Star on the left and Wandering Star on the right.  This will definitely be a long term project.  I want it to be totally scrappy, so it may take a while to collect 100+ different blue fabrics.  Obviously I am impatient…I am not waiting to gather fabric, so I may cheat and use different combinations of blues.  But my pledge is that every block will be unique!image

My leader-ender project has been John Flynn’s glorified nine patch. I am not scared of the curved seams, but I must not being doing it right.  You can tell how ripple-y that pink block is!  I will need some tips before I pull the Double Wedding Ring out of the UFO pile.  I have been telling myself that I can use puffy batting to help minimize the wonkiness, LOL.

My other long-term project is the Women of the Bible quilt.  I am posting those blocks on a different blog.  Visit me at this location.


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