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Once upon a time I was at a guild meeting with no knitting.  After a stroll through the vendor area, I came back to my seat with this:


Punch needle embroidery is a simple technique using a special tool to punch the thread through the fabric.  It’s kind of like coloring since you work from the outside in and fill in all the space.  The first picture is the back of the work.  The front is fuzzy:


I have several bags of abandoned cross stitch patterns and lots of DMC thread, so I am ready to go if I ever get the urge to pick up the punch needle tool.  It’s been on my mind since my daughter doodles alot…


Wouldn’t that flower make a lovely needlework design?!?

Quilting, knitting, punch needle, cross stitch – are you a monogamous crafter or multi-craftual?


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