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Design ideas

Last weekend, I washed and ironed a bunch of fat quarters that I have stashed over the last year.  This reproduction purple print caught my fancy:  image

What does it want to become?

Perhaps a the center of a medallion, with pink and grey traditional blocks around it…image

Or maybe a Dia de los Muertos tribute… (image from poster)

It has to percolate for a little while longer, but there is a purple floral mini quilt in my near future!

I have an unexpected day off since I spent some time in the emergency room this week with high blood pressure.  My EKG was normal, so my regular doctor just wants to monitor things for a while.  So, I have DOCTOR’S ORDERS to sew all day (aka de-stress).  YAY!


Souvenir Fabric

We decided to be wild and crazy this summer and travel to Europe.  I have a friend from college who lives in Hungary, so that was our destination.  There were some lovely tile roofs in Budapest that are perfect patterns for a future hexagon quilt.

In the little town of Papa, my friend took my to the local fabric store.  I left my camera with my husband, but just imagine floor to ceiling bolts of everything, piles cascading onto the cutting table – cottons, vinyl, silk, knits, anything under the sun.  The clerk was just as wild – orange hair and black leather pants.

I wanted something that had a “traditional” Hungarian feel, so my friend directed me to these small prints.image

I am not sure what to make with them.  Friendship stars maybe, with sunflowers, which are a big crop in Hungary.

Another traditional fabric/craft is indigo dyeing.  I found this small piece in a gift shop and it might become a pillow.


What fabric souvenirs have you brought home from traveling?

Freebie Friday #4 – Charm Squares

This week’s prize is a set of 100 charm squares (2 1/2″)


I recently participated in a swap and I have some extra sets!  The winner will receive two identical sets of 49 squares, plus a couple odd balls to reach the magic number of 100.  You can see the sets I cut for the swap pictured above.

I will ship internationally.  THIS CONTEST HAS ENDED.

Freebie Friday – Fabric Giveaway

I dug into my stash this week and found some Fossil Ferns Charms (5″ squares).  I have a set of 22 charms to give away!


To enter, please leave a comment on this post with ideas for using charm squares.  Do you leave them whole or slice them up into smaller bits?  I am making scrappy blocks from 2.5″ squares, mini charms I think they are called, so I would take these straight to the cutting table!

Comments have been closed.  I will use a random number generator to draw a winner, who will be announced on Monday Oct 13.  Good Luck!

Stash Part 2

Get two or more quilters in the same room, and soon you will witness the Pre-Wash Debate.  I am not a purist and I think both sides have some valid points.

Here is a bin of brand new fat quarters:


Some quilters feel that the fabric is easier to cut when it has that fresh-off-the-bolt crispness.  With modern technology, we do not have as many of the problems with shrinkage and bleeding as in days past.  When I worked in a fabric store, on a slow Saturday afternoon, I would pick out fabric for a new sample and start cutting right away.

Here is a pile of washed and folded fabric:


Some quilters are sensitive to the dyes and chemicals used in processing the fabric, and who knows what has touched the bolt before it gets to you, so I am leaning towards pre-washing everything.  Most of my quilting is done with the intention of sending the finished project to charity, or as a block exchange with other quilters.  In both cases, the preference is for pre-washed fabrics, so there are no surprises.

Unfortunately, my scrap bin is a mix.  Time to find a lingerie bag and throw it in the wash!image

Stash Part 1


My mom owned a quilt store for 4 years.  It was so much fun!  These are a few bolts that I adopted when the shop closed. One bolt is a green and blue grid that makes a fabulous blender.  I had grand plans to make a skirt from the floral print, but I have not made the time to sit down and seriously attempt garment sewing.  Maybe next summer vacation?!?!

I am very lucky to have our spare bedroom devoted to my quilting hobby.  It is filled with bins of fabric…occasionally I pull out the older bins and toss them in with the newer acquisitions.  I have a pile of scraps next to the cutting table  – the discards from my Women of the Bible quilt blocks.

I do try to keep things somewhat organized by size and color.  I keep yardage in one stack and pieces smaller than a fat quarter in another.  And then the drawers…I have a desk and a dresser chock full of fabric.  One drawer is small kits and another is I-spy fabric.  I can definitely sew from my stash for a good long while!

Current Projects

A friendgave my daughter craft kits for Christmas, and I finally broke down and started the Raccoon assembly process. Kendra’s not quite old enough to sew, although I am going to require that she help with some of the stitching and the stuffing!

This pile is evidence that quilting has driven me crazy.  I have a dozen (or more) other projects, and yet I could not resist the temptation of starting a mystery quilt for Quilts of Valor.  LeAnn designs great patterns, so check out her website.  I haven’t finished clue one yet, but the end of the school year is approaching so maybe this will be a June finish.

The football quilt is a commission project for my neighbor’s son.  I have about half the blocks done with the first round of sashing.  There will be a second round of sashing sothe red squares are sort of a chain between the blocks.  Does anyone know of a good football-themed pantograph?

And some shopping…our guild had a meeting last weekend and the vendors enticed me with sales like “Fat Quarters…Buy 5 and get 1 free!”  I’m trying to keep my selections tone on tone since those play well in scrappy designs.  I bought full yards of the red, blue and gold in the bottom right – good colors for QOVs.  And the purple and green on the top right were part of my raffle winnings!  Yep, lucky me, I got the “Lavender Blooms” basket with 5 half yard cuts.  Not bad for the cost of the tickets.

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