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Finished Quilt

Yay!  The commissioned Irish Chain quilt is all finished and I can deliver it to the customer this afternoon.  You can see it is queen size with a generous drape, 86×107 inches.  The blocks were 10 1/2 inches, the purple and white borders are 1.5″ and the final blue border was cut at 3 .5 inches. image

Here is another view of the back.  The fabric is a light grey from the Stonhenge line, and you can see the variety of stiches with thread that matches the fabric on the top.image

Here is my feathered heart.  Details on that tomorrow!  They were fun to stitch.  I finally feel at ease with feathers, hooray!


And my other trick on this quilt was using clip art.  I printed the designs on regular paper, taped them down, and stitched over the lines.  Yes, there is the pesky step of tearing away the paper, but I knew I was not enough of an artist to try those designs free hand!

I think if you scroll back up to the first picture, you can see the anchor design on the bottom row, right by the cat’s back feet, lol. image

Now, which UFO gets to come out of hibernation for my next project?  I don’t have any current projects waiting. (Key word is “current” – I have at least a dozen partially completed quilts laying around!!)  Maybe I will spend a few days cleaning and reorganizing my sewing room…


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