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For the sports fan

My neighbor requested a quilt for her son when she redecorated his room in a football theme:

I collected a variety of football prints and designed a simple sashing that finished at 84×96 inches.

I found this mottled red as a 108inch backing.  You can almost see the pantograph that I bought from Digi-Tech.  Here are some better pictures of the footballs:

And the helmets:

It was a fun project and I hope he enjoys the quilt for many years!


New Projects

We have the day off from school, and it’s been a treat!  Got my taxes filed and already had some time in the sewing room.  Plus, I have a wonderful husband who is cleaning up in the kitchen!

A neighbor has asked for a quilt for her son so I found a bunch of football fabric and I am going to use the red and blue to create an Irish Chain type sashing.

On the right side of the picture are my April Block Lotto donations.  Hard to see the white fabric on the white wall, sorry!  You can see the plaid nine patches that will be sliced to add a thin accent color.  I have two more plaids to use which you can see at the bottom.

My other April project is writing a screenplay.  Yes, a real script for a real movie.  No, I have no idea how to market it, but that’s a project for another month.  The first obstacle is putting words together.  Everyone has their “someday” dream…mine is being a writer.  Well, time to jump in to the process and WRITE.

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