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Happy Halloween!


These are the pumpkins that my daughter decorated.  From left to right the small ones are a self-portrait, Olaf from Frozen, and her cat Amy.  She picked the bigger one at a Fall Festival and informed me that after Halloween, we need to scoop out the seeds and save them in a jar.  Okay, sweetie!

Here we are at the end of #blog-tober.  I can’t believe I managed to write thirty-one consecutive posts…I hope I didn’t bore you.  Thanks to my new followers!  I will not be posting as frequently in November.  The initial thought was to spend my writing time on a novel as part of National Novel Writing Month, but life has intervened and I will set that project aside for another time.  I like the motivation that blogging brings to my craft time so I will aim for three posts a week over the next couple months.  See you in cyberspace!


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