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Leann at Persimmon Quilts is dedicated to Quilts of Valor.  She designs many quilts and publishes them as mysteries.  Some quilters don’t like the unknown factor, but I have complete trust in Leann!  I am currently working on Mystery #23, and some sections are constructed randomly.  At first, I put each color in a pile by my machine, and just sewed them together.  Then I decided to give fate a more active role, and I put all the squares in a bag.  As long as I didn’t put two of the same fabric together, I sewed what I pulled out.  The problem is that the fabric sticks together, so it’s not as random as it seems!  I’d end up with a clump of squares, and then choose which ones to put together.  I tried to mix in some sets with two of the same color to add to the sense of randomness.

I thought these sets of three would be borders or sashing, but the next clue says to make nine patches.  I’d better get back to sewing to see how it turns out!


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