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Today, 3-14-15, is a mathematician’s dream – Pi Day of the Century!  A friend of mine has posters in his classroom of all sorts of Pi puns, which I thought would make a cute quilt.  Now I will be on the hunt for small prints to make this work.

My first effort:  Cherry Pi(e)!


Very simple process for a raw-edge applique block.  Find a pi symbol you like online, and print it as a five inch square.image Layer the paper on top of your focus fabric (cut a square 5-6″), on top of the background, which I cut at 6-1/2″.

Sew along the printed line of the pi symbol.  Tear away the outside of the symbol.  I left the middle paper in place for stability while I trimmed the fabric on the outside of the stitches.  Be careful to only trim the focus fabric – NOT the background!  When you are done trimming, remove the rest of the paper, and you are done.

I am looking for pumpkins, American flags (the song…), other fruit, etc.  Even a Mustache for Tom Selleck as Magnum PI, LOL.  If I can find pots small enough, that would be a cute block also…or a fussy cut shepherd, inspired by another tasty recipe.  What are your favorite Pi(e) day puns?


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