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Quilting details

twisted sister doneI had this top done for a while…maybe two years?!?  Finally got it quilted, which is doubly exciting because now I have something to show on the blog.  Thank you for continuing to visit.  I have some other designs in the works that I can’t wait to share, but the time is not right.  This pinwheel block comes from the Twisted Sister ruler.  The basic idea is to sew strip sets and then slice the wedges with the template to create the pinwheel.  I have a variety of batiks that did not photograph well, but they are purples, greens and browns.  I chose a masculine palette with the intention of donating this to Quilts of Valor.  I used a patriotic piece on the back that says “Thank you.” twisted sister back Here is a close up of the top.  I wanted to share my quilting plan.  I find pinwheels one of the more difficult shapes to fill, because they have odd angles, which is of course, most of their charm!  I didn’t want alot of feathers or just straight lines, so I opted for some organic wavy lines.twisted sister quilting sketchI quilted from corner to corner around the pinwheel, which is referred to as a “continuous curve” because I was able to travel across the top half of every block, then return along the bottom half without breaking my thread.  Some quilters use the name “Terry Twist” when they add a little swoop into the corner instead of  a plain arch.  I did not take the time to plan a continuous route for the “worm” meandering in the black background, so I started in a corner where I could finish two blocks at a time.  Simple design, but it gives the quilt a comfy texture.  I need to stitch down the label, give it a run through the washer and then it can go in the mail to give comfort to a wounded soldier.  As some of the QOV volunteers like to say, “We are still at war, so I am still quilting.”


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