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Stash Part 2

Get two or more quilters in the same room, and soon you will witness the Pre-Wash Debate.  I am not a purist and I think both sides have some valid points.

Here is a bin of brand new fat quarters:


Some quilters feel that the fabric is easier to cut when it has that fresh-off-the-bolt crispness.  With modern technology, we do not have as many of the problems with shrinkage and bleeding as in days past.  When I worked in a fabric store, on a slow Saturday afternoon, I would pick out fabric for a new sample and start cutting right away.

Here is a pile of washed and folded fabric:


Some quilters are sensitive to the dyes and chemicals used in processing the fabric, and who knows what has touched the bolt before it gets to you, so I am leaning towards pre-washing everything.  Most of my quilting is done with the intention of sending the finished project to charity, or as a block exchange with other quilters.  In both cases, the preference is for pre-washed fabrics, so there are no surprises.

Unfortunately, my scrap bin is a mix.  Time to find a lingerie bag and throw it in the wash!image


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