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At the finish line

The correct yarn, Unisono, arrived, and I quickly cast on for the Evolution shawl.  Not much to see yet, but it is an enjoyable project so far.  And I dug out some pretty stitch markers, so I will have to take some detail pictures later in the week.  My biggest challenge so far is reading the “spine” stitch correctly so I can put the marker in the right place.  I count the stitches every row to make sure it’s correct, but that will get tedious quickly when there are over 100 stitches on the needles.


Can you see the quilting?  I need to calculate how many little squares are in this quilt.  It’s a queen-size, 86 by 107 inches, and I did stitch in the ditch.  Man, that was alot of work!


Here is a view from the back where you can see my different stitch patterns for the different colored squares. image

And here is the set up for the background squares.  I wanted to do feathered hearts so I grabbed my Gamill Workstation…it’s the black board you see in the middle of the picture.  There is a stylus attached to the machine that fits into the grooves on the workstation, and it helps you stitch the designs with no “wobbles.”  I was able to move pretty quickly, even with the adjustments of moving the board and screwing the stylus in place.  Then I went back and stitched the feather free motion.  I will do a photo tutorial of the feathered heart, because I think they turned out really well.image

Phew, now I just need to get the binding sewn on and this quilt is out the door.  Yeehaw!  I am glad that this big deadline project is done.  Now it feels like summer vacation has truly arrived and I can relax for a month before school starts again.



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