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Knitter’s A.D.D.

I have many yarn UFOs, but lately I’ve been focused on shawls.  It started with Evolution from Remily Knits.

imageThis shawl is designed to showcase a variety of techniques, and I messed up in the basic lace section the first time.  So, here you see that I am ready to tackle cables, again!  I have markers ready when it’s time for lace again.

To keep the focus on lace, I started the Shattered Sun shawl:


My mom passed along some laceweight grey cashmere.  I spent two days poring over the pattern database in Ravelry before deciding on this one.  The size and color of the yarn make this a project for bright daylight hours only!

To start the grey lace project, I sacrificed the Stephen West mystery shawl.  I had finished the first two clues and it was definitely…. unique.  Yes, the holes are a deliberate design element!  I peeked ahead, and the finished shawl is a long, narrow triangle with the center stripe section being framed by color swatches built along two sides at a time.image imageI liked my colors, which you can see better in the second photo, but I prefer a standard shape for my shawls.  There are many Westknit patterns in my queue, so I will finish up the two shawls currently on the needles and then go back to one of his ever-popular designs like Spectra or Daybreak.


Quilt one, knit two too!

I’ve graded about half the essays I brought home, so I rewarded myself with play time in the sewing room!  Alycia is hosting a block drive for Quilts of Valor (details here) so I made some patriotic string blocks.  imageYes, one of those fabrics reads grey.  I need to work on prepping my scrap bins.  I didn’t have a large selection of 1.5″ strips, which work well for these string blocks.  Alycia has two patterns posted on her blog and lots of great prizes for sending in at least five blocks.

I have been spending most of my free time knitting shawls.  I made a mistake on Evolution and ripped it all out to start over.  I am almost done with the texture of Section 3, then cables, then back to the lace part.  Notice all the markers to keep me on track this time!image

And this strange looking thing is Stephen West’s mystery shawl!  It does look better in person, but there is alot of consternation in the Ravelry group about those funny-looking holes in the center.  My third color is a navy blue, similar to the couch which is my photo backdrop.  imageTomorrow is the official start day for my international quilt along for the Women of the Bible Quilt.  I created a new blog… if you’d like to see my progress and block tutorials, visit us HERE.

Sunday afternoon is a good time for a nap.  Just ask our kitty Amy:image

Catch Up Bullet Post

Since we saw each other last…

– I finished my Color Affection

– Started…and mostly finished Rockefeller, a mystery shawl by Stephen West

– Worked on seams for a Mitered Square Blanket

– Did some quilting too, but mum’s the word on those projects for now

– Hired a coach for my daughter who has been bitten by the ice-skating bug.  She went to a birthday party at the skating rink last winter and we signed up for Learn to Skate lessons.  She’s almost done with Basic 3 (of 8 levels) and her teacher sees some talent and skill, so we’re at the rink 2-3 times a week now!

– Everyone’s back in school…Hubby made the transition from inner city charter school to suburban public school.  Daughter’s in first grade, and I’m at the same high school where I’ve spent the last 12 years.  Every day is a new adventure!

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