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Star Light Star Bright QAL Update

I am a sucker for joining groups.  I am tempted by the latest and greatest -along, whether it be quilting or knitting, or as I mentioned in my last post, writing.  Give me a theme, a project and an online group to chat with and sign me up!

Last January, I found a new blog – Happy Quilting.  Melissa was hosting a QAL with a pretty block pattern that was just a bit different that anything else I had seen.  I didn’t need more fabric or a new project, but I quickly talked myself into a trip to the quilt store and came home with a selection of fat quarters.


The background was an out-of-the-box choice, it’s a caramel-ish tan.  As I have been piecing these blocks, I realize I have a thing for polka dots.  Hmm, I wonder what that’s about!


I stayed organized by sorting the pieces with paper plates.


I am almost finished…three more blocks then I’ll have to figure out sashing and borders, then on to the quilting.


I think I can get away with a pantograph on this because it is so colorful.  My plan has always been to donate this as a Quilt of Valor so I tried to use masculine prints.  I have a flag panto…we’ll see what it looks like as a completed top and I will wait for inspiration to strike.

Check out the flickr photos for this QAL!


March Update

It’s Spring Break, so I have time to quilt, and to blog about it!  Will wonders ever cease?!?

imageFirst up is the Star Light Star Bright QAL.  The weekly assignments were the center star, the side chevrons, and the corner units.  I have 3 blocks assembled to that stage.  To enter the prize drawing, your top must be complete by April 2nd.  I don’t think I will make it by that deadline, but it is a pretty block, and I am happy with the tan background.

imageimageimageEach week, I post a tutorial for the Women of the Bible Quilt on my other blog: True Blue Quilters.  There is a yahoo group for the quilt, and links to the daily devotional as well.  The blocks shown here are a bread basket for Abigail, a wheel of fortune block for the woman of Endor, and a whirlpool for Bathsheba.  This is week 23!  Hard to believe we are almost halfway through this year-long project…time flies.  I say “we” because I talked my college roommate into doing this project with me long distance – she lives in Hungary and I am in the U.S.!


Another fun project is nearing completion.  This is the Glorified Nine Patch from a class with John Flynn.  I am finally sewing the rows together and thinking about quilting designs.  I have a recipient in mind, with a potential presentation date at the end of March.  Let’s hope I get a lot of quilting done this week!


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