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Knitter’s A.D.D.

I have many yarn UFOs, but lately I’ve been focused on shawls.  It started with Evolution from Remily Knits.

imageThis shawl is designed to showcase a variety of techniques, and I messed up in the basic lace section the first time.  So, here you see that I am ready to tackle cables, again!  I have markers ready when it’s time for lace again.

To keep the focus on lace, I started the Shattered Sun shawl:


My mom passed along some laceweight grey cashmere.  I spent two days poring over the pattern database in Ravelry before deciding on this one.  The size and color of the yarn make this a project for bright daylight hours only!

To start the grey lace project, I sacrificed the Stephen West mystery shawl.  I had finished the first two clues and it was definitely…. unique.  Yes, the holes are a deliberate design element!  I peeked ahead, and the finished shawl is a long, narrow triangle with the center stripe section being framed by color swatches built along two sides at a time.image imageI liked my colors, which you can see better in the second photo, but I prefer a standard shape for my shawls.  There are many Westknit patterns in my queue, so I will finish up the two shawls currently on the needles and then go back to one of his ever-popular designs like Spectra or Daybreak.


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