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My first quilt

imageI learned to quilt when my mom opened a fabric and yarn store in 2004.  I had attempted a baby quilt for a friend about 10 years prior, but that was my only experience with a sewing machine.  I saw the animal print from Alexander Henry and wanted to make something!  I found a simple pattern in a book by Terry Atkinson.  (website here)  I had my collection of fabric cut into various sizes, and randomly sewed them together.


You can get a similar effect with the Jelly roll race idea.  I have made other strip quilts since they are fun when you are in the mood for random piecing.  You can put Minkee or flannel on the back for a cuddly lap quilt.  This pattern would also be a great idea for a quick baby gift.

I used the focal fabric as a border, then as most of the back.  Taa-daa, a two sided quilt!image I had it machine quilted by a fabulous lady who became my longarm mentor.  The quilting was simple wavy lines to play off the pattern name of “Lasagna.”  She added some animals in the border.

I love piano key borders!  And I still like the effect of a small inner border as a resting space around the center motif.

What was your first quilt pattern?


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