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Starting a new quilt

Yes, I have a pile of quilts ready for the longarm.  But the lure of a fresh project is hard to resist!  So, I have this collection of teal fabrics in light, medium and dark values.


I’ve done a bit of sketching and number crunching…image

Actually, I had the idea for this quilt about six months ago but the design took a bit of tweaking.  I had fun with colored pencils and graph paper and now I am trying to figure out the best way to piece it so I can write out the pattern when I am done.

Here is the first section in progress on my design wall:image

As a filler in between sections, I am continuing the sashing on my 2013 Quilt of Valor.  The Star-Crossed block pattern came from the Block Lotto, and I started the blocks during the New Year’s Day Sit-n-Sew. Hopefully it will be done before 2014 rolls around!image


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