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Slash Stars tips

I love the Block Lotto!  Since I work full time, and have an active family, I don’t get alot of time for my hobbies.  Making just a few blocks each month is very satisfying. The pattern for May is Slash Stars.  Basic instructions are to layer several fabrics, cut the star design, shuffle the fabrics and sew.

Some people get discouraged thinking there are y-seams to deal with, but if you plan ahead, the stars go together with straight seams.  Here, you can see the sketch I made before cutting:

I made 5 cuts (circled numbers) to get the star shape.  Then, I numbered the pieces in the order to sew.  The dark lines (circled letters) were the last straights seams.  Please comment or send me an email if you’d like more detailed instructions!  One thing to remember with these wonky, free-pieced blocks…you may end up with jagged edges as multiple pieces come together – see line 2B, I had a stair step going on there!  Don’t be afraid to trim.  Just cut an oversize square to start with.  I started with 12.5″ squares, and trimmed my blocks to 9.5″.  There is at least half an inch all around, so my points will not get cut off when the blocks are put into a quilt top.



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