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Small projects

We have been on a family vacation, and I wanted some hand work to take along for the plane rides and long trips in the car.

I am using a skein of Dizzy Blonde yarn/colorway Run Amok to make a scarf.


I wound the yarn into two balls, and I am waiting to see how long it is after one ball before I decide if it is too wide.  I generally prefer skinny, long scarves, but I am trying to keep an open mind.  Plus, I am basically lazy and don’t want to rip it out to start over!

For my second project, I jumped onto the English paper pieced hexagon craze.  No scissors on airplanes, so I prepped a bunch of pieces before leaving home.


I am making diamond units, and I plan to use an argyle pattern, so there will be solid color sections with white Xs.  These are 3/4-inch hexagons so this piece will probably end up as a wall hanging.


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  1. Beth in AZ said:

    Hi Andi! Actually you CAN take scissors on airplanes now. Check the TSA site. Scissors with blades shorter than 4 inches. I forgot a craft pair in my take-along bag and they measured them at the airport. They were Big Lots scissors so no great loss, but I got to keep them! I just keep them tucked away and act like I know what I am doing. hehehehehe! Have a great summer! Love your handwork projects…I am knitting dish cloths and don’t even use them. Go figure….

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